Thursday 30 April 2009


Today my moo postcards arrived with a selection of my art work, some paintings the rest my embroideries.
I have had them printed for my exhibition but I thought I would list a set of three on etsy.
I am really pleased with the quality and finish.
So hop over to here if your interested
Hope your having a good week.

Monday 27 April 2009

Happy Memories

I finished this little picture today, Happy Pink Tree, adding a few birds flying about, creating more patterns.
Also this little tree badge measuring 4.5cm x 5cm in shades of turquoise, it works well against the pale purple back ground.
I am busy drawing, dying wool and stitching for the exhibition in June.
It's great to have an exhibition as something to work towards, I will never get bored!
I think back to my childhood and I remember saying to my Mum that I was bored.
You know, on days when it poured with rain and because we lived in a remote village, most of my friends lived too far away to call on and go out to play.
My mum would get out pens and paper and the fabric scrap bag then my sister's and I would spend hours making all sorts of things; happy memories.

Sunday 26 April 2009

Shopping List Saturday ( Sunday )

I can't believe how quickly this week has flown and this gave me my theme for Shopping List Saturday... Birds!
Here are some artist's who have been inspired by our feathered friends.
1.karendavis has many magical art works and The Smallest Tutle Dove is one of them.
2.I love swallows and these pretty necklaces are made by rafya
3.LoucheLab's shop has these beautifully illustrated coffee mugs .
4 There are so many buttons to choose from in buttonrobin's shop, but I think these ceramic swallow buttons are my favorite.

Friday 24 April 2009

The Warwickshire Countryside

This week I have walked and I have walked, yesterday about seven miles .
The weather has been beautiful ,warm sunshine with a cool breeze, great for exploring our local countryside.

There are many walks to follow around Kenilworth Castle, through fields and ancient woods.

You will see how it influences my art work, I took so many pictures, too many for this blog post.
The dog is our Labrador Bertie, good excuse for walks!

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Exciting News


I wanted to let you know that my embroidery work is going to be published in an American Magazine called Sew Somerset, you can find details here you will see my work at the bottom of the page.
I can't believe my art work and words are in print!

Saturday 18 April 2009

Lavender Fields

I have nearly finished Lavender Fields, I just want to sit tonight and do the hand stitching.
I can't help myself with hand stitching, I love it so much.
Hope your having a lovely weekend whatever your doing.x

Friday 17 April 2009

Exhibition News

From 9th of June to the 14th June I have been invited to take part in a small exhibition in Stratford Upon Avon by talented artist's Annabel Rainbow and her friend Annabel Shirt.

It is in the Library exhibition room almost next door to Shakespeare's Birth Place.
So if anyone fancies a day out to Stratford and they want to pop in , or go for a cuppa, do come and say hello!

I hope to be there at the weekend and hopefully another day so I will let you know nearer the time.
As you can see I have started work, Oh! I have just noticed my empty sherry glass in the photo.
Talking of which, you should take a peek at the inspirational Hens Teeth, Viv is having a give away for a year of blogging.
If you read it you will get the connection with the sherry glass...

Thursday 16 April 2009

Moonlight Blossom

It's been a dark rainy day here today so I have managed to finish this brooch and add it to etsy.
The blossom trees are so beautiful, the petals are falling like pink snow in the wind and rain.
The new green leaf shoots are appearing and at last it feels like summer is around the corner.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Buttons,Flowers,Trees And Brooches


I was very lucky to be given all these old, odd buttons, some of them will be destined for school and some of the large buttons I have used on my flower brooches.
I spent quite a long time just playing with them!

Before I forget I want to thank a few people who very kindly chose me for awards or tags
karen from Contemporary Embroidery, Izabela from Knit and Crochet,Sarah from The Forest Room and Embellisher.
So sorry I have been a bit late!
I am also in the process of making a few more art works which will progress in to stitches.
Hope to bring you more news soon.
Have a good week.x

Sunday 12 April 2009


Happy Easter to anyone who may pop in and visit my blog and a big thank you for your kind comments.
Thank you also for some recent tags, sorry I have been a bit slow on the uptake.
I will try and do them this week as I am on home.

We have been visiting family the last few days and I did manage to do some sketching so here they are.
I have used a mixture of paint, oil pastels and soft pastels in these drawings.
The tree drawing is from my imagination and the lavender field is inspired by an old post card with some added trees.
I can completely loose all track of time when I'm painting, my husband thinks I am in a trance like state, almost like I have been hypnotised.
I hope to have some more stitching to show you this week, but now it's back to eating chocolate!

Sunday 5 April 2009

Finished Landscape

Yesterday I finished my landscape at a visit to the Leamington Spa Embroiderer's Guild, Bring and finish day.
I have never been to a Embroidery Guild meeting before and everyone was so lovely.
Thanks to Helen who took me along, I'm hoping she will start a blog soon so you can see her beautiful felt work.She has just emailed me to say she started her blog today,if you have time pop over and say hello
I also must mention my friend Annabel Rainbow who apart from having a fantastic name, makes inspiring art quilts, do check out her blog.
I have to thank blogging for bringing us together, she only lives up the road from me and I met her and her husband for the first time on Friday at an exhibition.
I promised myself to get some house work done today, failed again!

Shopping List Saturday ( Sunday )

I wanted to share these beautiful art works with you today for shopping list Saturday.
1.Maryannwakeley has the most beautiful abstract paintings.
2.You will find a lovely feminine range of prints and stationary from afiori
3.I love the art work of Annette Mangseth, her shop Carambatack is full of her original designs.
4.Papier Delights is laura Baillie's shop and she has some lovely paper and textile work.
Thanks to Charlotte at fancypicnic for Shopping List Saturday, you will find her picks on her blog and lots more on my side bar.

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Work In Progress New Landscape

Last night I started on a new landscape, again working from my sketch book.
I am building up my layers of fibers and then working over the top with stitches.
I am stitching as I would draw or paint.
You never know at this stage how it will develop.
Fingers crossed it will work!