Wednesday 22 August 2012

My Work Space and New Work.

I am often asked if I have a studio and I wish I could say yes, as it would be a dream to be able to have somewhere big enough to hang all my large textile pieces.
When I'm working it frequently gets cluttered and I rarely have time to stop and sort out my creative mess.
However, last week I purchased an old apothecary chest which has 16 drawers for me to hide all manner of my threads and fabrics in.
I doubt it will stay tidy for long!

I have just about finished my large piece of work " Homage a Mattise", this as the title suggests is developed from a painting of a landscape I did near Nice, I have also incorporated the rhythms I feel when I have studied Matisse's paintings.
Matisse lived in Nice, he too was fascinated by fabrics, which he collected on his many travels, their patterns, colours and designs influenced his work.
I'm looking forward to visiting the Matisse Museum again on holiday soon, this will give me the opportunity to inspire me further in my work.
The Museum is situated in a beautiful villa surrounded by an olive grove, it contains not only his art works but his many collections of furnishings and fabrics.
Bye for now



Tuesday 14 August 2012


Drawing is as important to me as my stitching, I know I'm trying to capture not only what I see but more importantly what I actually feel.

My themes, colours and mark making have to be in a harmony with me , using my thoughts, moods and feelings, which of course differ daily.
Working on your art work everyday, it will become apparent how our very nature embodies our creative decisions.