Friday 13 January 2012

Workshop At The Herbert

A Winter Landscape
 My Favourite Subject Talking About Threads & Art!
Engrossed in our landscapes

Last week I had my first workshop at The Herbert Art Gallery entitled Landscape In Threads.
The Herbert have fantastic facilities, the room is spacious, full of light, I would love it as a studio, it inspires you to be creative!
It was rewarding to share my interest in fine art, talking about artist's in history who used landscape to interpret the world around them and my own passion for exploring my art through textiles.

Our first day was spent looking at methods of developing our work in the sketch book, talking about how those ideas could be translated with threads and fibres, luckily I had a wonderful range from Madeira.
It didn't take long for us to start to play with the varied materials, wool, silk, rayon, combining stitching with needle felting.

The course is over two days, the next will be a week on Saturday, plenty of time for everyone to be creative in their sketchbooks!
Thank you to everyone who came, it was lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing all your work next week.

Monday 2 January 2012

A New Year Of Stitching

What a year of stitching I have had, it has taken over my life, yet as far back as I can remember threads have always been an obsession.
The need to be creative is always there, in part, it is the desire of trying out new threads and materials in my art work.
I can't stop at the drawing or painting there is always the need to express it with the complexities of  surface texture, for the fabric to take on the energy of my landscapes.
For 2012 the plan is to continue developing the larger pieces, although they take considrable time and energy, combining them with the smaller collectable works which I will occasionaly add to etsy (some added today).
Next week I have the first of two workshops I will be running at The Herbert Art Galley and I'm hoping that I may be able to run more in the future.

I have been featured this week in the online art magazine Art Daily and my local newspaper The Kenilworth Weekly News .
I also want to thank Lorrie of Illusio Creative who has kindly included me in her blog post "I must go down to the Sea"

The combination of fine art and craft is growing across many different fields, this was apparent at The Birmingham Musesum's Exhibition "Lost In Lace".
What a fantastic, exqusite, thought provoking exhibition, do go if you can, you can view images on Birmingham Museums flickr page here including many paintings from the gallery.

Wishing you a very Happy Creative New Year!

Michala x