Thursday 26 November 2009

Embroidery And Threads

Oh dear!

The thread pile has grown again.

I have been very absorbed in my large textile and my thread pile has sort of spread into my stitching!

I have been adding more textural stitching to the foreground by hand.

I still have a lot more stitching to add, as I need to make the texture blend more into the background.
I have placed one of my brooches against the piece for you to see this is so much larger than my normal work.
I hope the scale of stitching is working in this piece, I'm constantly changing threads!
I needed to get back to some smaller stitched brooches and I have made this lace tree.
I thrive on the satisfaction of completing an art work and this is why I usually stitch on a smaller scale.
It's quite exhausting working on this larger landscape, but at the same time I feel I'm really pushing myself.
One of the positive aspects of blogging is, I have even more of an incentive to complete it!

Saturday 21 November 2009

Tree Of Hope

This week has flown and I meant to blog on Wednesday but I have been so busy.
Last Thursday I attended the opening evening at Rugby art gallery & museum for their annual open exhibition.

I submitted three small textile pictures and I was very lucky to have them all selected.
The exhibition has some very wonderful art work and I was pleased to find several different textile pieces.
You will find an excellent range of paintings and sculpture displayed in a white spacious gallery.
So if your near do take a visit, the exhibition is on until the beginning of January.
I also took part in a small event to help raise funds for cancer research, thank you to anyone who kindly purchased my art brooches.
Now it's back to the painting and making, I updated my etsy shop the other day and hope to add a few more pieces soon, including' Tree Of Hope' which I finished today.
I hope you have a good weekend.xx

Wednesday 11 November 2009

If Craft Matters To You


I had an email today from the Craft Council.
It wants to know why craft is important to you.
It sounds like a very interesting project that you could be apart of.
This is also a very good website to see beautiful crafts from leading designers in the UK.

Craft matters to me because quite simply its my life, sounds a bit dramatic but it's true.
It is my living and my social life.
It brings people together, gives me inspiration and Its a way I can express myself.
Its the best sort of therapy.
Happy stitching.x

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Textile Landscape

I'm making slow progress on the stitching, my sewing machine is being serviced this week, not before time, its been in constant use and needs a bit of love and care.
So I am adding hand embroidery to my picture which I really enjoy, very relaxing and I can multi task, watching a good film.
On Sunday I was watching Pride And Prejudice for about the sixth time, I love the rain scene!

I always seem to connect more to the piece when I start the hand stitching, it gives a rhythm to my composition.
The picture above shows it displayed, balanced on my bookcase, I'm not sure yet how I will display this larger piece, any suggestions welcome and also any more good films to stitch to!