Monday 7 May 2012

"It Feels Like Autumn"

I have been working on many different pieces of work the last few weeks, some painting and stitching smaller pieces for University Hospital in Coventry.
I have been asked to display some of my paintings in the hospital which is part of a healing arts programme.
It's a great way to showcase my work and of course it makes the hospital environment less clinical, creating areas of interest where normally there are endless corridors of blank walls.

The weather here has been unseasonably cold, with a feel of Autumn ,which has led to me stitching this piece.
Have a good week.
M x



Your artwork is always so lovely and I am sure it really gives the hospital environment a more peaceful soft touch.

I really admire your crimson tree. Love those colors.
Hugs Judy

Cusp said...

Having worked on several Hospital Arts projects I feel sure your lovely work will really lift people's spirits and bring comfort

WindyRiver said...

Gorgeous work!

Nat L. said...

I am a fashion design student from Hong Kong and I really love your works and it is so inspiring!
I wanna learn this awesome technique as well, I know you have workshop but I can't join it :(
Would you please share some sewing skill tips ? :)

MulticoloredPieces said...

I find your new, small pieces very intriguing--quite lovely. And definitely a good way to cheer up a hospital. best, nadia

Amelia said...

I love this idea of combining stitch with a gorgeous vintage book . . .


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And it works so well with the book.