Wednesday 29 July 2009

Stitch News

Today we have had the most awful weather, heavy rain and it's been so dark.
I took our dog out for a walk with my son and we got soaked to the skin!

Just in case you are interested, my work will be featured in The Embroiderers Guild Stitch Magazine.
I was asked to make four embroideries which represented the four seasons, you will also see other work and an article on how I create my pieces.
My work will feature in the October/November issue 61.
I'm also excited because they will have my work on display at The Knitting & Stitching Show on the Stitch Magazine stand. I have never had work displayed at a sewing exhibition before.
I do hope I will be able to visit the show at Alexandra Palace in October.
Hope your having better weather than Warwickshire!

Monday 27 July 2009

The World Is Full Of Stitches

With the weather so, well rubbish actually, I have been stitching away.
Another landscape to add to my collection.
I must say thank you to a few other stitchers,

cathy cullis for including me in some of her wonderful mosaics.

Kirsty from Me plus Molly who very kindly donated feathers,beads and other lovely things to the school I work at.

Carolyn from Love Stitching Red who tagged me, for six summer sillies, Carolyn, I can't think of anything except embarrassing my children by dancing!!
I hope the sun is shining soon, it would be nice to do a bit of outside painting.
Have a good week.x

Thursday 23 July 2009

Yellow Field Of Stitches

The last couple of days I have been a taxi service for my daughter.
We celebrated her fourteenth birthday yesterday and I'm still wondering where those years have gone?
I have managed to do some stitch work on my landscape, so here it is.
These were the fields I walked through in April , you may have seen my sketches.
Has something happened to blogger?
It's not showing my flickr link and other links, I know some other blogs are the same.
I'm always worried I have done something wrong!

Sunday 19 July 2009

Threads & Trees

You may have seen these pictures on flickr but I thought they should be part of my blog.
It has rained here on and off all day and I have been sorting out all my wool and threads.
I always need some time between projects to think and draw and today has been a good time to do that.
I popped over to the Art Gallery in the Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa yesterday and they now have my brooches on display.
It is a lovely gallery, opposite a beautiful park, so if you ever come to visit Leamington do take a look.
If you click here you will find a lot of information about the town and pictures.
I will post more art exhibition pictures in the week.
Bye for now.x

Friday 17 July 2009

Art Exhibition

Hello, I just wanted to share these photographs from our annual school and community art exhibition.
I'm sure you will agree that the quality of drawing and sculpture would not be out of place in a private gallery or museum, well I am biased!
I enjoy so much working with the students and community artists.
I am also very privileged to work with the artist and sculptor George Wagstaffe who teaches our A'level students and life drawing class.You will find his sculptures in the City of Coventry.
This is just a small selection of the work by his students.
I will post more pictures over the next few days.
I forgot to say, I sold the tree embroidery I did from my last post.

Friday 10 July 2009

From Paint To Threads


I have been working from my sketch book again this week.

You can see how my threads become my sketches or is it my sketches become my threads?
My work can alter as I move between the two mediums.
I may still add more stitches to this piece.
Tomorrow I am helping to set up the A'level and community artist's work for our annual art exhibition.
So this may be used in the display.
It's count down to the end of the school term and it's going to be a busy week.
I hope I will be able to share some of the exhibition work with you.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Shopping List Saturday Late!

We all need more time and these etsy sellers have used this as a theme in their creations.

1.Nouveau Motley uses antique pieces which she recycles.

2. Tabitha Macbethis a freelance illustrator and I loved this beautiful drawing of a rabbit jumping over a dandelion clock.

3.This pendant, like an old pocket watch, you will find in Earth Tones Online
4.I was intrigued by the work of Sara Koncilja, her shop The Invisible Child has a series of drawings of every day objects combined with string.
There will be more stitching soon or pop over to my flickr page here to see what I'm working on.

Sunday 5 July 2009

My Clothes

I have always enjoyed shopping for clothes from charity shops, vintage clothing shops, car boots etc..
This started when I was very young with jumble sales and my aunts would also pass on clothes to me, although I never did wear the luminous blue hot pants I was kindly given.
It seems that recently it is now more acceptable, it means far more clothes are being recycled and this prevents them ending up in landfill.
The global down turn has also made us scrutinize our shopping habits.
Of course years go when I was eighteen, recycling never occurred to me, I just liked different clothes, giving to good causes and had little money.
The other reason was I could afford better quality clothing all be it second hand.

The two outfits above I have recently put together from charity shops and by styling with some of my own accessories I can create my own individual look.

Twenty five years ago there was no ebay and not many car boots so we now have more choice than ever before.
To make it work though I do think it is important to mix in one or two new quality pieces of clothing, we still need to support our shops.
I have also included a picture of what my sewing table looks like, at this very moment.
I will be featuring some more etsy sellers soon, I should get to it mid week.
Bye for now Mx