Friday 19 April 2013

Mastering The Art Of Embroidery

            My Four Season Cards

         Two of my landscapes
My "Abbey Fields" above image

  Image 3 is by Viv of Hensteeth

I have just returned from my holiday, a lovely sunny week spent in Nice France where I spent many hours sketching, I will share photo's and sketch book pages with you soon.
Whilst I had been away I had received in the post a copy of a new embroidery book entitled  "Mastering The Art Of Embroidery" by Sophie Long.
Sophie is a graduate of the Royal School Of Needlework and this book covers many different technical aspects of stitching.
It's full of beautiful photographs of a range of embroidery styles, a great introduction for the beginner and the sheer quantity of visuals will inspire you.
It was lovely to find that the publishers had selected some of my images for the machine embroidery section in the book.
I also found that a few fellow bloggers that I know, had their work featured, including Viv from Hens teeth with her lovely vintage inspired creations and Karen Ruane from Contemporary embroidery with her delicate stitch work.
The back of the book contains a list of contributors with their blog and website details which will be exciting to explore!

You may like to know I have recently added a range of my greeting cards to Etsy and I hopefully will be adding more items soon.