Saturday 22 September 2012

Working With Threads

Creatively I have never been busier, stitching one day and the next it's trying to get back to the sketch book.
A lot of my energy at the moment is devoted to working on commissions, which include a hospital.
I am delighted that the brief was landscape, bringing the outside in, this work is in progress and I hope to share it with you soon.
The work above is another project which is also in mid flow.

Yesterday I spent a day at a school talking about landscapes in art history and running a workshop.
I shared how I use different materials to create landscapes in my own work.
I get so excited about working with the threads, fibres, using layers of colour, stitching rhythmically into the cloth to form shapes.

Despite my garden being a jungle and my house full of cobwebs I still have to make time to stitch!

Friday 14 September 2012


 Pages From My Sketch Book

So much has happened in the last few weeks, enough for several blog posts!
I will begin with our holiday and share a few of my sketches I made in and around the beautiful city of Nice.
You can not help but be inspired by the wealth of art, history and culture of the cote d'azur.
I enjoyed visiting The Musee National Marc Chagall, more than 250 works are on show.
The brilliant colours of his vast Biblical works were dramatic, full of energy and immense love.
In one room there was a collection of dream like works entitled le Cantique des Cantiques, meaning Song of Songs.
 Chagalls use of colour is powerful, exciting and combined with his themes of love, immensley uplifting.
My sketches are from my morning spent on Castle hill which seperates the Old Town of Nice from the port.
I will post more of my stitching works soon.
M x