Monday 29 June 2009

Red, White & Blue

I have just been watching the tennis, in fact this is the reason I am sitting in front of the computer,I can't bare to watch any more and I'm now listening.
Murray is playing Wawrinka and it's just gone to five sets!

I picked some redcurrants and whitecurrants today from my parents garden, so we had them for tea with cream and sugar.
I have been making my flowers while watching the tennis, inspired by all the flag waving, lets hope it will continue!

Friday 26 June 2009

Mark Making Inspiration

Here are some pages from my sketch book which I have been working on this week.
They are my response to an early morning walk through overhanging trees and shrubs.
A tangle of twigs, leaves, shadows and light.
I see many stitches moving and swaying in the wind.
They are above me as I walk through the tunnel, the light spilling down like rain.
Just talking about it makes me want to stitch!

Monday 22 June 2009

Tree Book

I found a book I have been looking out for, an obvious choice for me.
This addition is 1954.
I felt sad as I turned the page and saw the Elm tree which died due to Dutch Elm disease, I think it was the 1970's and most had disappeared by the 1990's.
More than 25 million Elm trees died in the UK alone.
I will be taking this little book with me on my walks so I know which trees I am sketching!

Sunday 21 June 2009

Shopping List Saturday ( Sunday )

Today I'm sharing these colourful art works that I have found on etsy.

1.Mimi has amazing creative textile work where she works with paint and stitch on canvas.
Her shop Mimiloveforever is full of vibrant and fun art works.
2.I found this beautiful picture book quilt in Winternightwhimsy.
3.StegArt's shop is full of paintings and also beautiful quilt work.
4.This quilt by okquilts interested me as it's made from old wool blankets.
There are lots of other blogs who share their lists so check out their blogs on my side bar.
This weekend has whizzed by, I hope you have a great week ahead.

Saturday 20 June 2009

Two Moons & Two Trees

Here are two little trees which are going to take root in my etsy shop although they would like to be uprooted and flourish in a new landscape.
I have used some beautiful pure silk vintage threads on these two little trees.
Hope your having a lovely weekend and I will be posting Shopping List Saturday tomorrow.

Thursday 18 June 2009

Shades Of Purple

I finished another landscape sketch which I hope to work in stitch when time permits!
We are in the midst of many activities happening at school.
So fingers crossed during the summer holidays I will be able to devote some more time to my sketch book.

Here are two brooches I have been working on, these I hope to add to etsy in the next few days.I have incorporated some vintage silk threads, such beautiful shades of purple.
They said on the news, our heat wave should start next week, in time for the tennis at Wimbledon.
I can't wait!

Saturday 13 June 2009

Exhibition Pictures

A Section Of Annabel's Quilt

I have a few pictures to show you from the exhibition.
I have been lucky to sell quite a few of my tree brooches and cards.
Annabel in contrast to me works big and she sold some of her beautiful wall quilts and lots more besides.
We are open for our last day tomorrow 12 until 4.

So it has been a worth while experience to gain interest in our work, although I said to Annabel I couldn't stop myself making things even if no one bought them, you would find me buried under a pile of tree brooches and painting.
I'm fortunate that Leamington Art Gallery would like to sell my brooches so I will have an excuse to make more!
I'm so sorry about the spacing on this post.
I can't seem to put it right and I'm scared I will end up deleting everything!

Monday 8 June 2009

Sew Somerset Magazine

Today I have had a lovely day in Stratford -Upon-Avon setting up the textile exhibition.
I will bring you pictures soon.
When I got home my sew somerset magazine had arrived.
What a beautiful publication more like a book than a magazine, full of inspiring embroidery, collage , mixed media and quilt art work.
It was so strange to turn the page and see my work in print, my Mum is very excited and can't wait to show my Grandma!
It's almost a year since I started blogging and I never imagined I would be in print.

Thursday 4 June 2009

Surreal Embroidery

Here are some more colourful trees I have been working on for the exhibition.
I have been dip dying various wool pieces, I'm always excited at seeing the variety of colours I can get by using just a few colours.
I have worked in some lovely old silk threads on these little trees.
On Monday I will be in Stratford to help get the exhibition ready, it starts on Tuesday 9th of June.
How quickly that date has come around!
I'm just a touch nervous, hoping it will be enjoyed.
I must say thank you to Annabel Rainbow because without her I would not have been able to take part and she will be manning it with her friend and fellow artist Annabel Shirt.
I won't be there until the Saturday and the Sunday.
I promise to take lots of pictures.