Thursday 14 May 2015

Inspired By India & Exhibition News

My sketch book " India"


Elephant Ride at The Amer Fort

Sundar Rang
I thought I would share more of my time spent in India, an immensely inspiring place, particularly to me, as country which has a strong cultural identity through its crafts and textiles.
After a few days spent in Bangalore I had a surprise journey to Rajasthan to visit the "pink city” Jaipur and then a five hour drive to the "blue city" of Jodhpur.
In Jaipur we visited the stunning Amer Fort a short tuk tuk ride from the city centre.
On route you can see a serene floating palace on a large lake where you can stop and take photos.
We rode on the back of colourfully painted elephants up to the gates of the Amer fort.
This imposing building is covered in beautiful paintings and glass mosaics. 
Our driver took us to a spectacular white marble temple with ornate carvings; an abundance of wild life greeted us, hundreds of wild monkeys leaping along the walls of the ancient monuments.

 The next day we drove from Jaipur to Jodhpur, which although a long journey, was fascinating because of the changing landscape, the small towns we passed through and the cows and camels in the middle of the road!

We stayed in the small village of Chandelao in the elegant 18th century Rajput style hotel Chandelao Garh .
We watched wild peacocks and flocks of squawking, emerald green parrots on the roof top terrace as the sun went down. 

In the village we bought handicrafts made by the women, they told us that the aim of the project named Sundar Rang, is to support the local craft skills and develop high quality products with unique Rajasthan designs, thus creating a sustainable source of income for the women in Chandelao village.
The women took pride in showing us how they stitched the great range of textile goods and they were delighted to learn that I too worked in threads!
In the morning we left and drove on, visiting the Imposing  Merangarh Fort perched high above a wave of blue and turquoise painted buildings; the city of Jodhpur.

It was a fantastic experience; the fort houses exquisite paintings, textiles, sculpture, glass and      mosaics. The architecture is spectacular, as is the walled gardens, with many different exotic plants and trees.
Chandelao Garh

Jodhpur " The Blue City"
Next week I will tell you about my trip to the desert and my time spent exploring the textile markets in Bangalore, heaven for thread lovers!

As you may know, I'm a member of the international textile group Through Our Hands and we have an exhibition opening called "The Liberated Quilt" on Saturday15th May at The Bilston Craft Galley in Wolverhampton.

"The Liberated Quilt provides a showcase for 23 international artists working mainly with stitched textile techniques, including quilt-making and embroidery. Their work challenges and expands the boundaries of textiles, showing how innovative ideas can evolve from a traditional art form. Strong narratives, bold visions, and raw emotional response are key features of the work on show. Curated by Through Our Hands, this exhibition offers the opportunity to experience work by textile artists considered to be amongst the best in the world. - See more at:

I'm looking forward to seeing a fantastic range of textile art in this wonderful spacious gallery. 
I will be there at the opening in the afternoon, with some of the other members of  Through Our Hands.
I do hope that you may get chance to visit.