Tuesday 18 February 2014

Garden Walks & The Studio at Ragley


We packed up the exhibition on Friday which was so quick compared to putting it all up and arranging everything!
I always feel slightly sad about packing everything away, sorting out where some work will now journey to other places and find new homes.
This time though instead of cramming my house with my art work I am now able to have a selection of my work on permanent display at the Gallery and studios at Ragley Hall.
This week the first signs of Spring were evident at Ragley with an abundance of snowdrops, carpeting the woodlands surrounding the gallery.
Ragley gardens will be open on select days throughout the year giving garden lovers the opportunity to marvel at the changing seasons on days when they are usually closed to the public.
Next week they will be open on the 26th & 27th February for the Snowdrop & Winter garden walk.
Do check out all the details here.
The gallery will also be open on those days and also the Terrace café will be open for refreshments.
I will be there on the Thursday the 27th, so if you do visit, come and say hello at the gallery and studios!
You will find a great selection of different art works on show as we now have five studio artists based at the gallery.

Now that the exhibition is finished I have started another set of work, developing more of my sketches and continuing to translate them into threads.
The drawings are visual poems, a series of studies, which link together and those images contain narratives, a landscape can hold many stories.