Friday 28 August 2009

Trees And Lace


Just back from a few days in France and then we will be off again to Cornwall.
The weather was glorious and I have many sketches to share with you soon.
I found this fine vintage lace in a market, which I have now added to my tree embroidery.
I will not have access to a computer while we are away so do forgive me for not keeping up with my blog list.
I hope to catch up soon!
Bye for now.M x

Sunday 16 August 2009

Tree Of Many Stitches

Tree Of Many Stitches
More stitching

Warwickshire countryside

Warwick Castle

A view over Warwick

A room recreated from the Edwardian era.

A wall of pictures in Warwick Castle


This week we visited Warwick Castle as we had some vouchers to use up.
Although it's very near to us it's a while since we last visited.

It has become more commercialized, in my opinion and lost a little of the charm it once had.
Despite that, it is a spectacular English Castle, full of the most beautiful paintings and furniture.

If you have the stamina to climb the towers four hundred plus stairs, you will be rewarded by the amazing views of Warwick and the surrounding countryside.
You will find more information here
I have a few more brooches to share with you, one added recently to etsy.
My store will be closed soon as we will be away on our holiday, hopefully I will have some time to sketch then!
Many thanks for your recent comments, they are very much appreciated.
Bye for now. M x

Monday 10 August 2009

Textile Art

I finished my stitching at the weekend and then had fun trying out my images on
You can upload your art work in gallery frames.

It would be fantastic to work on this grand scale, but I think it would take a few years!
This piece has taken me a couple of weeks and measures approx 23cm x 30cm.
I have included my original sketch for you to see.
I hope to bring you more sketching soon.

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Stitching Sketches

It's been a week of rain here which has meant that my plans for taking the children to the park and me sketching didn't happen.

I have had that nagging feeling that I should have been doing jobs around the house, but I didn't seem to get anything done.
My stitching mess is over flowing and the house is a tip, well the children have been stuck in a lot due to the poor weather!
Here is a sketch I did last week when the sun came out for a few minutes!
I decided I wanted to work on a few larger stitched pieces.
The first, my stitching echoing as much as possible the sketches I made of the over grown path.
The other, working from a painting in my sketch book of my holiday last year in France.
I have used many different types of thread, building layers over layers of machine embroidery.
Once I have completed the machine stitching I will then start adding hand stitches.
I think I have still quite a lot of hand stitching to do on this one.
Bye for now.x