Thursday 22 November 2012

"The Coldest Winter"

"The Coldest Winter" by kayla coo
"The Coldest Winter", a photo by kayla coo on Flickr.

They say we are due a very cold Winter.
So far it's been faily mild, yesterday it rained all day and night which brought flooding to local roads.
Today a gale has been blowing and now the rain is with us again!
I am adding a few more of my art brooches to etsy over the next couple of days.
I think I will be staying in as much as possible!

Monday 19 November 2012

Inspired By Compton Verney

                      " Life Of Colour" a page from my sketch book.

Last week I spent several days at the art gallery Compton Verney, one day visiting the excellent Tapestry exhibition and then spending a few hours sketching in the beautiful grounds.
The colours of the tapestries struck me most of all; within the many pieces the threads have such a rich density of colour. There are no reflections from glass or oil paints, I relised why I love creating my work with a range of materials.
I admired the weavers craftsmanship combining different textures, weaves and yarns to recreate the artists original paintings and sketches. Some of these works of art which are on display show how closely the weavers interpret a painted surface.
Then on the Saturday I started teaching a two day art and textile workshop at the Compton Verney learning centre, the local landscape and exhibitions provided a wealth of inspiration.
I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely group of people who were very enthusiastic, due to this I am looking foward to next week to see where our creative journey takes us.