Monday 29 September 2008

Monday's Embroidery Pictures

Fabric applique and machine stitch.
Lovely threads

Using various stitches to create textures

Adding shells

I have shared some of these pictures on flickr.
Here are a few more.
This work was inspired by looking at the surface of shells, when you study them, draw them, feel them.
I wanted to show the texture and all the subtle variations of colour.
I then decided to incorporate some of the shells into the fabric, binding them with threads.

I was also working on a few brooches at the weekend, adding different fabrics onto the wool and machine stitching.
Thank you to anyone who has time to read this blog and hope you have a good week.

Saturday 27 September 2008

Shopping List Saturday

OK so this is now Saturday night shopping!
We have made the most of the sunshine today to get into the garden.
Lots of pruning and tidying.

Continuing with the purple theme I have found these wonderful items today.

1. Stitcheywoowoo has made this flouncy bag in a taffeta purple fabric, I love the big bow.

2Shunklies hand knitted cushion is so textural using different patterns.She also sells a good selection of fine merino wool and pre felts.

3. This painting by Helen Krummenacker is painted in acrylic using the theme of musical notations.

4.I love this art nouveau inspired vase by Webbpottery.Each design is individually carved and the kiss of the flame gives every piece its own personality and makes each one truly one of a kind.

Friday 26 September 2008

Shades Of Purple

We had a very busy time on Wednesday night at my art society.

It was a great opportunity for us all to try out different ideas using texture in our sketch books.

Here you can see I used coloured tissue paper torn and glued down with acrylic paint, inks and pastel worked over the top.

You can see I left some of the underneath papers showing through.

I will develop this further, hopefully!

You can use anything to build up textures, wallpaper, paper towels, sand, plaster the list is endless.

Everyone produced exciting work and all so different.

Here are some purple brooches, as you know it's a colour that features a lot in my work!

My Mum says my bedroom was purple when I was very young, perhaps it is a sort of comfort to me?

Tuesday 23 September 2008

A Few Different Projects

Brooches for gallery
Sketch book

Work inspired by Henry Moore

Tomorrow evening I'm going to my Art Society, which I love.
So many lovely friends with so many talents.
I am sort of running a work shop on painting with textures, I say sort of because we just have a fun time trying out different techniques and we all learn from each other.
I also made a few brooches for the gallery.
I had a very rewarding day on Monday helping a fourteen year old girl from Somalia who had suffered a terrible trauma of loosing a family member in an explosion and in which she lost an eye.
She is learning embroidery and I spent time with her, showing her how she can use different stitches.
To see her excitement of learning a new stitch and her enjoyment of playing with the threads and fabrics was wonderful.
Hope you have a good week.

Saturday 20 September 2008

Shopping List Saturday


Today I have an orange theme for Shopping list Saturday.

1.tinyhappy makes the most beautiful baby shoes from vintage fabrics.

2.blendastudio who's imaginative paintings are rich in colour.

3.jochris is a glass maker and this is one of her lovely pendants.

4.Ingermaaike has this warm orange hand felted merino wool scarf.

Thank you Charlotte at fancypicnic for promoting etsy sellers!

Friday 19 September 2008


Couching threads

Movement and stitches

Using different threads

A Stitched Art Cloth
This I confess to making while I was expecting my daughter who is now 13!
EEK! time flys.
The great thing about blogging is I can share work that has never seen the light of day so to speak!
I have to get more brooches sewn, I have had a few orders recently which I really must get busy with.
Enjoy your sewing or painting.
Bye for now.

Monday 15 September 2008

New Flower.

I have just finished this flower brooch.
A little different, this time I have used silk in the middle and coiled it into a 3D effect.
The centre stands proud which makes the petals curl up like a real flower, it works beautifully as a brooch.
I put it in my etsy shop today.

Hope the start of your week is a good one.x

Creative Blogs

Hi,Here are some lovely creative blogs which I have chosen for an award.

I know that these awards have been going around so I have tried to find some different blogs.

As I'm quite new to all this I do apologise if you have had this award before.

  1. Tinyhappy

  2. Gilflings

  3. AmandaSainsbury

  4. Acornmoon

  5. perfectweathertofly

  6. Anemone

  7. Ravenhill

If award nominees wish to accept their awards, simply provide a link back to the person who presented the award; nominate 6 or 7 recipients and provide links for them; finally, leave a note on their blogs to tell them the good news!

The award is Kreativ blogger.

Saturday 13 September 2008

Shopping List Saturday


Today I have been looking at art cards and there is a huge choice out there.

Here is just a small selection of artist cards available on etsy.

So good you should frame them.

  1. gunnels has some lovely mixed media post cards.

  2. VintageNiki and her whimsical mixed media art cards

  3. Kukkilintu has some fantastic colourful cards

  4. Amyrwyatt's also has some cards originally taken from her textile work.

I think they are all beautiful.

Thanks toCharlotte from fancypicnic for organizing Shopping list Saturday.

Thursday 11 September 2008

The Power of Stitch!

I had a fantastic day at the NEC Knitting and Stitching show and for the first time met fellow blogger Charlotte from fancypicnic andGina from Fan My Flame.

The power of stitch !
How threads link us together.

Above is Charlotte with her wonderful colourful brooch and Gina's beautiful brooch is made by Jackie
Also my friend Jan is wearing her lovely feather brooch.

I still have to choose seven blogs but Charlotte has also given me an award!
Do I now have to choose 14!?
You may have to wait a bit, well maybe the weekend.
The picture of buttons is for all those button lovers out there!

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Life drawing

Well I didn't manage to get to life drawing, had lots of running around to do for children and then it got too late and we had a late tea.

I also made the fatal mistake of sitting down...couldn't get up again!

So here is a drawing that I did a few months ago.

You may have seen it on my flickr page.
I mainly use charcoal and oil pastels when sketching as I like to work quickly.
I may make several drawings to get a feel of my subject.
Hope your having a good week.x

Sunday 7 September 2008

Sunday Stitching


Firstly I must say thank you to Jackie who very kindly gave me an award which I need to pass on to seven others.
Watch this space, I will have ago this week.
As I am fairly new in blog land it's nice to think may be a few people find your blog worth a look.

I had my ticket come through for the Knitting and Stitching show at the NEC this week.
I find it so inspiring I can't wait!

Last year I was in awe of the work of Helene Soubeyran who made segments of petrified textiles, fabric folded and pleated and preserved in resin.
Tilleke Schwarz had 25 years of work on display.
All her incredibly detailed samplers, just breath taking seeing them all together.

So here is what I have been working on and will be tonight with some hand stitching.
As you can see I have been drawing on to the felt with my sewing machine free motion foot.
I try and use my machine in the same way as I draw or paint.I then have to use hand stitching, I love the rhythm of stitching by hand.
My life drawing class starts again this week so I may have some drawings to share with you...
only if they work out ok of course, I don't want to shock anyone!
Bye for now.

Saturday 6 September 2008

Felt Art


I'm embarrassed to say my shopping list Saturday took me about two and a half hours or may be longer.

It's official I am a jinx when using the computer!

So I have to de-stress by working on my felt and embroidery.

I am working on ideas from my tree sketches again.

I have used stronger colours in this felt and I'm trying to replicate my drawing marks with threads.

It's a good day for staying in sewing so I hope to show that I have made progress with this picture soon.

Shopping List Saturday

Today I wanted to share with you some trimmings

  1. buttonfun has some sweet fabric covered buttons

  2. AmandaSainsbury makes these unusual buttons.

  3. GoblinsMarket has a good range of hand dyed silk ribbons.

  4. Truecolorsforyou sell lots of vintage bits and bobs including threads.Seeing this bundle of threads makes me just want to start stitching.

Tuesday 2 September 2008

Sketch Book

Here in my sketch book is a drawing of an olive grove in Nice, which was near the Matisse Museum.
The sun was high and the olive grove was welcome shade.
We sat and ate ice creams and this was the view before me.
Now it's dark outside and miserable with rain lashing against the window.
A sketch book is precious memories