Monday, 22 June 2009

Tree Book

I found a book I have been looking out for, an obvious choice for me.
This addition is 1954.
I felt sad as I turned the page and saw the Elm tree which died due to Dutch Elm disease, I think it was the 1970's and most had disappeared by the 1990's.
More than 25 million Elm trees died in the UK alone.
I will be taking this little book with me on my walks so I know which trees I am sketching!


Art4Sol said...

The beautiful elm has suffered here in the states as well. I look forward in seeing your new designs...possibly a homage to the beautiful elm.

A time to dance said...

I used to have all those boks when I was a little girl, I wish I hadnt got rid of them, perhaps I will start collecting them again, I seem to be revisiting all the books of my it my age?


I have this book too, I love it!
There is something so magical and appealing about trees, their leaves, branches, bark and berries/fruits - In the autumn I will be showing a project I did at college on trees which you will probably like Michala

Have a wonderful day xx

Acornmoon said...

Wouldn't your lovely tree designs look great as book covers? In the past books were covered in Fabric rather than leather and often embellished with stitches.

Kate said...

Hope you don't mind, but I've just tagged you! Do feel free to ignore!

Kathi said...

I love your little tree works of art. I am inspired by them.
Aren't old books most interesting? The paper...the verbiage...the fonts...the illustrations...even the advice. Charming.

Jackie said...

A lovely background for your work.
Very sad to have lost the elm. I believe Horse chestnut have a problem now.

Cathy Cullis said...

I remember the 70's cull of elm, walking through a local site and seeing the stumps... and still I don't think we treat our trees with the reverence they deserve... I love to collect old books that mean something and I wish you many happy tree walks and happy sketching too x