Sunday, 8 August 2010

'August Walk'

I have spent most of the week out and about sketching, in between the summer showers!
The wheat is ready to be cut, it looks dry and dusty now.
I love the colour of the yellow fields against the lush green trees.

There are so many interesting patterns in the landscape, I wish I had more time!

Recently, I have been asked by an art studio in Leamington Spa if I could run some weekend workshops, so when I get more details I will let you know.


softearthart said...

Beautiful, cheers Marie

Twiglet said...

Your beautiful sketch makes me want to have a go. We have such wonderful scenery round here which I like to photograph. Maybe I will try sketching next time instead!

JP said...

your sketches are getting lovlier

meplusmolly said...

Ah yes more time! I wish for that too.
Beautiful work as always and I so love to see the fields full of wheat too.
Glad you like my birdy fabric, it caused a lot of probs printing it but I persevered! ;0 x

jenny mccabe said...

WOnderful work as usual, the wheat fields really do offer an amazing wealth of ideas, such strong lines and marks to be made, I have also been out looking and collecting ideas in the fields, cant wait to see what you do. happy stitching xxxxxx