Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More Sketches

We had a lovely day yesterday with the children at Ragley Hall which is famous for it's sculpture park.
We chose a perfect day to go, warm and sunny which has been rather lacking this holiday.
I took many photo's of the gardens, sculptures and woodland which is exceptionally beautiful and well worth a visit.
I have continued to sketch between stitching, I'm almost afraid to stop, as I know how much work is ahead of me.
Every opportunity I have, I look for inspiration from nature and landscape.
Here are a few more sketches which I have been working on.
Tomorrow is my Birthday and I am spending it with my family and no doubt we will be out for coffee and cakes!
Thursday I'm visiting The Festival Of Quilts, a birthday treat, so a busy week.


Heloise said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Enjoy the quilt festival too.
Great sketches, really like the top one.

cardinal arts said...

as always; love your sketches
and have a lovely birthday! you deserve the Festival of Quilts treat; I hope you get a rest and lots of inspiration for your stitching

Twiglet said...

Happy birthday- oh and great sketches!!

meplusmolly said...

Inspirational as always you!
Have a fab day tomorrow and enjoy your Birthday, hope you get spoilt rotten! ;0 X

Threadspider said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow Kayla-mine's the day after!
I do like your most recent sketch-I can see little figures sitting under the tree in the manner of tree fairies...
Have a lovely day at the Festival of Quilts.

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you share photos of those quilts here. Love your "sketches"/paintings.


Beautiful work M, love your sketches. Have a wonderful birthday and hope you enjoy FOQ x

Julie said...

Happy birthday Michala. Don't look out for me at FOQ on Thursday, I don't think I can get there. Have a lovely day with your Mum. x

PS Your sketches are wonderful, lots of movement.

softearthart said...

Just love the movement. cheers Marie

Gina said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the FOQ - I'm there tomorrow too so may bump into you!

Martine said...

Happy birthday..........enjoy this day with your loved ones.

Sharne Gregory said...

Oh to be able to draw like you do!
Happy birthday. Have a great time at .the FOQ

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Hope the year brings you lots of new art projects and successes.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday - though I am a bit late. Your tree sketches are lovely and so inspiring.


I hope you had a lovely birthday and enjoyed the FOQ.

Enjoy your last week or so being off school.


Mail Art Dramas said...

Happy Birthday.
looks like you had a fun day in the gardens.
love the colors in your sketches.