Sunday 5 July 2009

My Clothes

I have always enjoyed shopping for clothes from charity shops, vintage clothing shops, car boots etc..
This started when I was very young with jumble sales and my aunts would also pass on clothes to me, although I never did wear the luminous blue hot pants I was kindly given.
It seems that recently it is now more acceptable, it means far more clothes are being recycled and this prevents them ending up in landfill.
The global down turn has also made us scrutinize our shopping habits.
Of course years go when I was eighteen, recycling never occurred to me, I just liked different clothes, giving to good causes and had little money.
The other reason was I could afford better quality clothing all be it second hand.

The two outfits above I have recently put together from charity shops and by styling with some of my own accessories I can create my own individual look.

Twenty five years ago there was no ebay and not many car boots so we now have more choice than ever before.
To make it work though I do think it is important to mix in one or two new quality pieces of clothing, we still need to support our shops.
I have also included a picture of what my sewing table looks like, at this very moment.
I will be featuring some more etsy sellers soon, I should get to it mid week.
Bye for now Mx


Cat said...

I try to do this as well. I have since I was in my teens too! I think it's one reason I wanted to learn to sew. I wanted to have classic looking clothing but with a twist. My mother was the queen of taking something and making it look very upscale. I'll never be the seamstrass she is but I like the idea of recycling clothing is something more people should try. Your outfits are super cute!

Kim said...

I love to reclaim clothing others cast off... and have for years. In fact I probably do it too often... if that is possible. I love the looks you have put together.

A time to dance said...

I use ebay to recycle, selling my clothes when they are too tight (ouch) or if I get bored with them...I think its a good way to get rid of things you dont want but paid a lot for then I use the money to buy more...its especially good for an ever growing daughter...she has just grown out of three pairs of converse, as a student I dressed at flea markets and jumble sales we didnt have charity shops back then, I too work hard to look different but it is very very hard when you are a big lady...I love the top outfit!

Gina said...

I never seem to have the skill or flair for putting together charity shop buys. I wish I did!

Heloise said...

It is the beautiful brooches that set of each outfit.


I also love vintage anything too.Of course your brooches are all lovely. I am a collector of pinucshion and your vintage gold silk one is very pretty along with your vintage threads. Very nice. I also posted a wee bit about your lovely brooches on my blog. Hope you like it. Hugs Judy

hens teeth said...

Interesting post M. Good sense too.

The Weaver of Grass said...

You have such flair that whatever you decide to do with material and thread it always seems to work so well.

Jane said...

Oh you read my mind!
I tweeted about a week ago about going to a JS, but it's this weekend not kast as I thought.
It's trendy now, although vintage clothing is much more expensive that it once was.
I was into it as a teen being an art student ment you had to look different!
Your outfits are a good mix of new and upcycled, you pull it off very well.

Melody said...

I love shopping at second hand stores. I've picked up some amazing clothes.

Threadspider said...

It's definitely about the clever way you accessorise them. In theory I have some great charity shop buys-but in reality they never look quite as good at home.

Zoya said...

You put together beautiful outfits. I agree with you that it is possible to find wonderful items in the charity shops/car boot sales/etc. My problem with many mainstream UK shops is that many items look very fashionable, so in few months they will look out of style.

Art4Sol said...

I always can find a treasure or two at my my favorite second hand shop here in town which is run by volunteers and the proceeds go to the American Cancer Research Society. Who can afford new clothes these days, especially if you want quality? I like your outfits and your brooches set them off beautifully!