Thursday, 18 December 2008


I have been sorting out my work table today.
Since I had my embellisher machine, which was a surprise Christmas present last year from my husband, I can never seem to throw out any scraps of thread or fabric away.
I think I may have some kind of obsessed thread fetish!
I'm sure I may have said that before...sorry.

Even when I'm at school I check the bins after the textile classes to save thread.
You can imagine what the children quite happily chuck in the bin and I'm the one who is fishing it all out again!

I keep a lot of old trimmings and threads in my Marshall & Snelgrove vintage box.I believe this was an old department store in London's Oxford Street which closed in the 1960's.
Threads are exciting because they can become anything I want them to be, is that my fascination?
Even the smallest amount can transform from a twisted scrap to an image from my dreams .Here are some more threads that have become trees.


Karen said...

You are not the only one who hoards threads, I can't bear to part with them. I hope you have an amazing christmas! xxx

gunnelsvensson said...

yes, it´s wonderful, you take some scraps and do beautiful art !!! I like the vintage box you have! Need I say, that I newer through away any fabirics nad threads scrap either ?

Poppy said...

They all think I’m sad in my house; I keep bits of threads, and allsorts of other bits and bobs.
I think I take after my mum and Nan; the bits always come in handy though.

I would like to get an Embellisher machine, is it good?
Love Lou xxx

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

You make such beautiful art with your threads -- I wouldn't throw them away either!

Anonymous said...

Hello, i´m sorry for my horrible english, i´m from Spain and i need say you that your Tree Brooch are the most amazing i´ve seen in a long time. I really love "Little Snow Tree Embroidery" is it available?

Jackie said...

I did a felt making day at a college and the girls were all asked to bring a towel. The tables were a bit painty and the towels got ink on them. at the end of the lesson they THREW THEM AWAY! Needless to say I have now enough towels for any felt day!

Kim said...

I am SO glad to have stumbled on your blog, I love your art! I will surely be back, and yes, I hoard threads, paper, fabric, fibre, anything at all! No felting machine yet (just my fingers!) but love all the fabricy/fibrey/everythingy bits.

Anonymous said...

your work is amazing. all that hoarding has paid off!

hens teeth said...

Embellishers are so theraputic to use and I think you have got it nailed M. You have found a beautiful style working with a technique you obviously enjoy, with a medium you very obviously adore.
Happy Christmas and New Year.

Kel said...

You're not the only one that saves scraps. I have a little bucket next to my sewing machine.
Look how pretty yours looks in the glass jar! A little work of art itself.
Happy Holidays to you & yours. Kel

Sandra Evertson said...

They are Fantastic! Your wonderful embroidery paintings, you should really submit some of your work to Stampington & Company, I think they would love it!

Sandra Evertson

e rega said...

Found your pins on etsy, and I've been enjoying your blog! Really beautful, colorful work~

Cecile said...

I see what you mean, I keep tiny bits of threads and fabrics, if I can't use them with my embellisher, I paste and glue on paper for mixed media. Happy New Year !