Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Trip To London And Work In Progress

21st Century Embroidery Brooches!

Headdress Early Dynastic, about 2600 BC

Wall Painting 4th Century AD!

Siren by Marc Quinn

Venus In The British Museum

Big Ben

St Pauls

Tate Modern

Buckingham Palace

Hope you get a feel of London from these pictures.

It was grey, wet and cold, but very exciting!

I love the buzz of the city, beautiful architecture, museums and we got to see the Christmas lights!

Tate Modern was interesting but some of the art is quite disturbing.

I know it has to reflect all sides of life but I just find it difficult to appreciate it.

If you ever visit London, you must visit the British Museum.

Firstly, you can take photo's and secondly it is so inspiring.

They have on show until the 25th January five major contemporary works including the solid gold statue of Kate Moss by Marc Quinn.

Do you think she can really bend her legs like that?!

Of course I was transfixed by the ancient artifacts which some of them incredibly would not look out of place today.
Take the 4th Century wall-painting from a Roman villa which had a 1960's flower type of design and would look on trend today.

I loved this lapis lazuli and carnelian bead headdress with leaf pendants,again this could be worn today as a necklace.

I have quite a few more pictures from the British Museum and I still need to tell you about the National Gallery and Portrait Gallery.

I will save that for fear of boring you.

Again I leave you with the embroidery work on my sewing machine which is in progress.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Oh I miss London!!!!
I like the British Museum too.
And it's so cool when you find ancient works of art / pieces of jewellery that look so contemporary. Great minds think alike - no matter when they exist...

M.A. Wakeley said...

Beautiful embroidery pieces.
I really enjoyed the tour of London and I didn't even have to step onto a plane or deal with lines in galleries :)

I know that art runs the gamut and freedom of expression reigns, but agree with you that disturbing work is simply that.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip!


Lynn Cohen said...

Exciting trip, exciting art! Thanks for sharing.

Poppy said...

I love going too London!I have never done Tate Modern, thanks for sharing.

The colours in your brooches are beautiful!!! xxx

Alexandra said...

Love your brooches...just finishing your Santa gift this weekend, hope you like it :) xx

Jackie said...

The V & A is also a favourite for me. (After the BM) Lucky you.

'fancypicnic' said...

Great pics...and I love those brooches!!

Lorie McCown said...

We spent 3 years living near London, and I loved every minute! I loved the Victoria and Albert museum too. Nice pictures, yikes, on the gold statue!

Acornmoon said...

What an amazing design for the 4th Century!

Your trip sounds as if it recharged your creative batteries!