Friday 9 July 2010

Life Study And More Stitches

Last week I returned to life drawing, It's going to take me a while to get back to the discipline of studying the figure, I forgot how much I love it and how I use what I learn, to bring life to my landscapes.

The scene I'm stitching at the moment is draped over my sewing machine, I have started to add heavier stitching with many different types of threads.
My work space is small and cluttered, I don't seem to find the time to sort it out, stitching is more important!!


Jasmine said...

I look forward to seeing your textile life drawing creations :)

Valerianna said...

Love the stitched piece... beautiful. I also haven't done any life drawing in a while... wonder what that would be like to revisit- and in stitch, cool! Have fun...

Carol said...

Lovely work, I love your banner :)

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Nice work - but why oh why do you have such a small, cramped, even dark (?) workspace?

I am going to talk seriously to you now.

You are an artist.
You need space.
You need light.
And you are the only one who can give it to you.
You have to decide what your life should be like.

♥ Maria-Thérèse

Sharne Gregory said...

Your stitched picture looks beautiful, it captures the movement that you put into your drawings.
I was told that life drawing would be a great way to improve my drawing skills earlier in the year. I hope to find a beginners class for September.

JP said...

the stitched piece is already looking fantastic

shirley said...

Cant wait to see this completed the drawing alone is wonderful.

Robin Olsen said...

Looks like you jumped right back into life drawing very nicely! Love the current stitched piece with the very dark elements in it.

Gina said...

Your new piece of work is beautiful.