Sunday, 18 July 2010

Thread Heaven

This week I was relieved to find another sponsor for my exhibition at the The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
I have to say thank you to Dylon who will sponsor me with dyes for my exhibition.
I say relief, because as some of you may know, my husband has been out of work and the cost of materials and framing has been a concern.
Luckily my husband has picked up some contract work recently,  so I'm hoping we will be able to cover the framing costs or perhaps get some form of sponsorship or grant to go towards it.

I also received a large box of  amazingly colourful threads from  Madeira.
How excited was I and compelled to use them in my art straight away...thread heaven!

Today I have been working on a brooch for a friend, it's for a relative who moved to America and this was a tree from the view of their former home.
Earlier, despite the grey clouds, I took the dog and camera for a walk.
It's elating to find beautiful views so close to home that you have never discovered before and I am eager to translate these into paintings and then stitch.

I hope you have a nice week ahead, we break up for the summer...yipee!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Now that I am no longer teaching I miss that feeling of elation on the last day of term! Enjoy the break.

Cathy Cullis said...

kayla, would you like some hand dyed wools for your feltmaking? I have some spare, naturally dyed, if you want to try it out I will send to you - no obligation of course.

Sarah Payne said...

good luck with the exhibition - and congrats on the free stuff! How we love beautiful things, and even more when they are freely given!

Tricks said...

Oh well done Kayla, I have been away for a while and just been catching up with all the posts. What a fantastic opportunity to have such a wonderful exhibition. Good Luck with it all. Tricia

Barbara said...

That is such great news and I am so happy to hear about your new sponser.
I am hoping that all goes very smoothly ... and absolutely love the brooch.
Very best wishes,

Jackie said...

Thats fantastic news. You are famous!
I'm looking forward the work you'll be doing for the exhibition.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

That's good news Kayla - and someone's going to be very pleased with that delightful brooch!

Alexandra said...

Wonderful news! xx

Sharne Gregory said...

Another lovely brooch. Congratulations on another appearance in this months issue of Stitch.
Good luck with your exhibition.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting sponsorships, it would be a shame if you couldn't create the larger pictures for the lack of money. Good luck to your husband with finding more work.

cardinal arts said...

congratulations on your second sponsor! hope you find someone to help with the framing too - your work is looking really lovely