Friday 2 January 2009


The last couple of days I have been dying batches of wool.
Dipping pieces into colours and trying out different shades.
I love seeing what variations I can get.
Colour evokes all sorts of ideas and the blue grey became my stormy clouds.
The soft lilac pink had to be delicate and spring like.
Time has flown by as I become engrossed in my stitching.
I should make New Year resolutions, but I never seem to be disciplined enough to keep them.
The only two I will make is to keep being creative, as much as I can be, and not to be so messy and unorganized, oops I think I have failed that one already!


Contented Caroline said...


I saw the comment you left on The Westcountry Buddha's blog and thought I would pop on over to say hi. I'm also a blogger from Warwickshire and mainly quilt, knit and embroider.

Your work is fantastic and puts mine to shame - I'm a novice only been quilting for just over a year. Pop on over to The Contented Quilter and say hi sometime.

hens teeth said...

What a beautiful post M ~ a feast for the eyes!

Lynn Cohen said...

These are truly lovely...good luck on the mag bit too! Fingers crossed for you! ;-)

Tricks said...

Hi Michala,
I've been watching the development of your trees and they are pure inspiration, keep the colour exploration going, it's the best!
Thanks for dropping by and for the good wishes, Hope you have a super new year too. Tricia x

gunnelsvensson said...

I always love your trees and stitching !!!

Alexandra said...

I love the colours they are lovely and thank you so much for my brooch i love it!!! xx

Karen said...

Lovely, lovely trees and it's amazing to see those wonderful sketched lines come to life in stitch,

Jackie said...

Your colour schemes are always so beautiful. This one especially.

Anonymous said...

ohmygod-that last picture is A M A Z I N G!

Mary Stanley said...

Love your colors and stitching! So inspiring and full of life!