Friday, 17 May 2013

Sea Pictures

At the moment, I am working directly from my sketch book, which is filled with observations  of studies I have made of the Mediterranean sea.
Listening to Elgar's "Sea Pictures" and Debussy's "La Mer" I am transported back to the shoreline, using all my senses I can see and feel the shapes in the music.
I will be working on this piece during Warwickshire Open Studios at the end of June, where I will be exhibiting along side the artist George Wagstaffe.


Le Passe Temps said...

Très joli projet....
Mais peut-être vous n'avez jamais vu la Mediterranée?? En réalité, ce n'est qu'un lac !
ça ne change rien à la beauté de vos broderies, que j'aime beaucoup

Valerianna said...

Beautiful. Love how the piece flows like water from the sewing machine in the first image, great!

Heloise said...

Looks amazing. Good luck with your Open Studios. It was quite quiet here.