Friday, 13 April 2012

A Day Out & New Stitching

" Dawn"

" Crimson Tree"

The William Morris Tea Room

St Mary's Church Bibury

This week I went out for the day with my sister and Mum, we visited a small village not far from Cirencester called Bibury.
It was once described by William Morris (1834-96) as "the most beautiful village in England".
We stopped off  at a quaint tea room named The William Morris and enjoyed a delicious cream tea.

Afterwards we walked towards the church, through the grave yard and down to the banks of the river.
This was a magical place, the water crystal clear, reflecting the many trees reaching out above.
Luckily we had sunshine which created wonderful streams of light between the over hanging branches.
I can't wait to capture the ethereal tranquillity of this landscape in threads.
Above I have added a few more of my stitched trees to etsy.
I hope you have a great weekend.
M x


Melody said...

It does look magical and quite peaceful. I would love to visit England one day. Next year my oldest daughter is doing her third year of university aboard in Sheffield. Hopefully I will get that chance then...


What a lovely quaint English Village. Is it by the sea?? I see in the middle of the table where you all had tea there looks like it was decorated with "Sea Shells"!! I look forward to seeing the stream in one of your creations. Hugs Judy

Heather said...

We love Bibury too and have been there several times. It is so beautiful but does get terribly busy and packed with tourists at times. I love these new very small pieces you have made.

Valerianna said...

I'd love the have tea in the William Morris Tea Room... I hope it was filled with his lovely designs!

liniecat said...

I havent been there for many, many years! thanks for the memory!

Marta Brysha said...

Beautiful stitching and that afternoon tea looks wonderful!

Threadpainter said...

It sounds like your whole day was magical and that scene by the river is absolutely stunning !