Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sketch book

Here is a recent page from one of my small sketch books, they are for me a vital tool.
A diary of my own visual language, a link between, thoughts, actions,feelings and dreams.
How do we see nature , as it is or as we want it to be?

I took all my sketchbooks and textiles to a small village near Banbury this week.
It was my very first talk for The Embroiderers Guild and The Cherwell Valley branch made me feel so welcome.
I was more nervous of trying to find the location than the actual talk!

last week I also finished putting together a new website which you can see here  I have updated it with information on exhibitions and workshops.
I hope you will enjoy visiting it.
Now I will return to my stitching as I have only three weeks until I display my work at the NEC!


dottycookie said...

Good luck with your exhibition - will you be showing your sketchbooks here to? It's always fascinating to get an insight into the creative process.

Acornmoon said...

I love your sketchbooks, good luck with the NEC exhibition too. The new website looks great.

Unknown said...

So pleased to see your fantastic and inspiring work again. (I recognise your name from reading the leaflets for the NEC) Look forward to meeting you. Carol.