Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June Landscapes

Stitching Summer

My Sketch Book

Under The Trees

Oak Tree
I can't believe we are in June already, Summer, or at least it felt like that last week, I have some photo's to prove that we had the most idyllic weather.
Early June is one of my favourite times of year, everything feels so fresh and new.
The heavy rain we had in April brought us an abundance of growth, wild flowers and new green shoots.
Its difficult to imagine that I spent a day sketching outside, amongst the long grass, now that we have grey skies and the return of heavy rain, in time for the Jubilee bank holiday!
With the rain it's easier to return inside to my threads and continue with my stitching, trying to capture the memory of a warm Summer morning.


Beatrice said...

I also hard to believe that May has passed so quickly.
Beautiful pictures, and your interpretation even more beautiful:)) Best regards!

Iceni UK said...

Michala. What a joy and a feast for my eyes, to see your latest magical work and the photo's of trees and greenery is good for the inner spirit. I love trees and given the chance will hug them. :) :)
It's my birthday this month so June is extra special for me.

Take care, wishing you happiness.x

softearthart said...

Wonderful pictures, cheers Marie

womanbread said...

Absolutely stunningly beautiful! The 'stitching summer' piece, your beautiful and serene summer sketch, and your vivid and dreamy photos. Thanks for bringing a bit of sunshine and colour into a bit of a grey and overcast Irish day. Truly lovely! - June at

dottycookie said...

Such gorgeous photographs, and wonderful work. Delightful to see your tree as well!

Acornmoon said...

It is always a treat to see your lovely work. I wonder if you have ever thought of making a book cover with your embroidery? The Elizabethans favoured embroidered book covers and your work would lend itself so beautifully to this artform.

MulticoloredPieces said...

I love seeing into your sketchbook as it reflects so much of what you do in your beautiful stitching. You express so well the cycles of nature within a very specific visual language.
best, nadia