Thursday, 29 March 2012

My Time Spent At Fashion, Embroidery,Stitch

Here I am busy demonstrating!

A display of my smaller art pieces
Jen Goodwin's beautiful hand embroidery

My work kept me warm while I was stitching!

A selection of my sketch books and small textile pieces
It's been exactly a week since the Fashion, Embroidery, Stitch opened at the NEC Birmingham which I can't quite believe!
I was lucky to be able to show my work and demonstrate for Madeira threads.
As I had never participated in a show like this before, I was slightly nervous, but I was lucky to have lots of support and help from Maderia, as well as Jen Goodwin who was also demonstrating her embroidery.
Jen trained at The Royal School Of Needle Work, she told me about the embroidery she had done on the royal wedding dress last year, which was very interesting.
It was lovely to meet so many people and I was amazed at how far many had travelled.
Thank you if you came to say hello, blog friends, flickr friends and anyone who took the time to watch me stitch!
I hope to be exhibiting again next year which means I need to finish the very large piece I was working on, at least it gives me a deadline to work towards!


Julie said...

It was lovely meeting you at the n being Show Michala :-) I still havn't done my blog post about the show yet but I will get round to it. It was fascinating to see you stitching at the machine and the amount of effort it took to manipulate the cloth.

Alexandra said...

Glad it went well! x


Hello, Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us. I always enjoy looking at your artwork. Hugs Judy

Valerianna said...

I love seeing your table with all the trees and clouds and textures. What a rich display for the guests, beautiful and unique work you brought for the show!

Twiglet said...

Thanks for sharing your days at the exhibition - I was disappointed not to get there to see you. I used to go to the Harrogate one every year when I lived in Yorkshire. Maybe next year...

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to meet you at the show and see some of your work in real life :)

Carol said...

Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the show. So much inspiration, your work is fabulous. Glad I met you.

Jane said...

I have one of your smaller pieces that my daughter bought for me one Xmas,it's displayed on a shelf in my living room.
Your's look so nice in there white frames I may just do the same with mine!
Thanks for sharing exhibition pics.