Tuesday 20 October 2009

If You See A Tree In The Post

Now I think you may find many trees in my blog posts but have you seen one in the post?
I found out my embroidery work which was featured in the Sew Somerset magazine has gone missing in the post.
It turns out it was mailed out from the States at the beginning of July and has not been seen since.
It's this work here scroll down to June 8th.
So if by any chance you may see it, slim I know.........

We put so much faith in our postal service and there is always a risk that it reaches the wrong destination.
I think it's unlikely I will see it again, I wonder if it ever made it across the Atlantic or not?
I posted my Nieces Birthday card early because of the postal strike, due at the end of this week here in the UK.

I do hope they can resolve this dispute soon, as so many small business sellers will find it crippling.
I'm busy sewing lots of flowers at the moment, for a friends Christmas sale in aid of Cancer research, so I best get back to my petals.



Sorry to hear about missing post. I am currently chasing a missing parcel! Crazy postal situation.

You are so good and productive working on your petals. I have once again wasted a few hours!! Will I ever learn!

Hope everything is ok with you now at home. Sam x

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Sorry it's gone missing! Don't they use some kind of insurance?

Blogging has ruined me. I sat here thinking: well, I do see a tree in the post? [BLOG post. Remember that time before we blogged and post meant getting letters, those things out of paper? ;) ]

I hope it turns up - and if not, that someone will find it somewhere - perhaps fallen out of the package - and be very happy.


I do hope someone sees your post and that your lovely trees make it back to you. It's so sad that they didn't make it home :o(

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Hope your tree turns up - I'll let you know if it appears anywhere through the secret portal to Giraffe World! :)

connie said...

So sorry to here you have missing things. That is so frustrating. They were beautiful pieces too. I hope they show up.

Jeane Myers said...

okay, so I was looking at your post for the tree, which I thought was very obvious and beautiful I might say - then reading the comments made me understand that your post is our mail - I should be looking in the mail for your tree - too bad, really - hope it turns up :)

Anonymous said...

this is early for me! I woke up thinking about your lost post and hoping it turns up or I agree with Maria that your embroidery finds a happy appreciative home.
Best wishes Carol x

AeFondKis said...

Hi, sorry to hear about your lost annoying! and yes the looming postal strike in the uk...totally agree all the small businesses will be some of the people to suffer.. just suffered a ten week strike at college..chaos!
Linda x

The WestCountryBuddha said...

Oh what a shame! I do hope they turn may just be caught up somewhere. I hope it doesn't put you off allowing magazines etc access to your work. I do think they should take the responsibility for ensuring the safe return - perhaps using tracking/recorded delivery/specialist couriers. Are you sure they did in fact leave?

Anyway, well done on keeping your friend supplied with trees! Hope all goes well. x

menopausalmusing said...

How disappointing for you. Your work is irreplaceable. I used to work for a small company who lost a lot of custom due to postal strikes a good few years ago. They gave up using the postal service in the end and turned to a private company to deliver their goods.

Anonymous said...

That's really annoying, but trying to get any sense out of Royal Mail is impossible. Way back when, I did my City & Guilds by distance learning, and a project disappeared in the post. The really aggravating thing was that it went missing on its way to be assessed, not on the way home, so I had to do it all again. It never did show up. I hope you have better luck!

mimilove forever said...

Sorry to hear about your missing work...I hate the whole posting things out business, always stressy no matter how much insurance etc
Sending positive posty vibes for it's safe return x

Victoria said...

Oh, what a shame! I am so sorry that happened. Hopefully it will turn up and be a wonderful surprise. As for the postal strike that hasn't even happened yet... everyone must be rushing to get their mail out and things must be getting clogged up. My daughter mailed me a postcard several weeks ago from the UK, and I still haven't received it.

Karen said...

That's awful but never fear, you may get it back. I sent my brother in Sweden a piece of my son's 18th birthday cake, it took about 9 weeks to reach him. It had been via Finland apparently! I will keep my fingers.....and toes...crossed for you.