Sunday, 5 October 2008

Little Art Works And Me

Painting in sketch book
Embroidery on felt


Today I actually did some dusting, I know it's amazing when I have so much stitching and painting to do!
Here I am on the mantle piece , yes the black and white photo!
Taken about 1969.

Not sure I'm brave enough to show a picture now, but maybe I should as I'm only going to look less young the longer I leave it.
Note I say less young, sounds better than older!
Now I know I'm getting older, when my thirteen year old daughter comes home with her new purchase ....Leg Warmers! they are all the rage apparently.

I have been working on this small art piece 8cm x 8cm approx.
My larger embroideries take months of work so I'm trying out different ideas using my paintings as inspiration.
What do you think?
I may add a few to etsy and see if any one would be interested.
I will be working on some ideas from this painting next.
So hope to have some thing new to show you soon.
It's been raining here most of the day so a good day to be creative.
Bye for now.x


hens teeth said...

Hi M,
You look at real cutie in your photo.
I'm sure anything you put on Etsy would be of interest!

Gina said...

The little art works are beautiful.

mawakeley said...

Lovely images.

Please do offer small embroidery work on etsy. I can guarantee at least one purchase:)

mawakeley said...

that is one purchase by me !

paulahewitt said...

lovely embroidery. you do look cute in the photo. leg warmers - the horror!

Kayla coo said...

Thank you so much Mary. x

Lynn said...

Oh cute you on the matel.
I like the striking colors of and around the trees...and the embroidery done on machine, yes? is lovely too. The flowers on the matel are huge and beautiful too.

mimilove forever said...

Can't wait to see the new works Kayla, I love your paintings and your embroideries so a combo of the 2 will be heaven! :)

Leg warmers...eek...I remember them the first time round...teehheee: "REMEMBER MY NAME...FAME!"


Kitty said...

I think your embroideries are stunning.

Gunnels blog said...

You are very cute! and I really like your embroidery!
I have give you an award, see my blog ;-)

'fancypicnic' said...

Beautiful work, just lovely....buuuttt....LEGWARMERS!!! mimilove says, '...people will see me and cry...FAME!!' Aaaarrrgghh...the memories! Oh, I was the last person who should have worn the things! They do, however, look great on the gorgeous young things of today...gggrr.

*much teeth gnashing...*

corryna said...

It is lovely to see your painted sketch and the fabric art. Good work.