Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunny Sunday

Inspiring trees

Felt and embroidery

What a beautiful day, blue skies and lots of sunshine.
So I took a few pictures as the light was perfect.
You can see the hand stitching on my felt work.

I also finished off a few brooches.

I must say thank you to Gunnels for giving me an award for my blog, she has beautiful embroidery work.

Have a good start to your week.


Kitty said...

Those silver birches are gorgeous. I love the flower brooches, and as ever your embroidery on felt is stunning. x

Tricks said...

Snap. It was a beautiful sunny sunday here where I am too. I've been out taking some pictures too guess what, of trees and woods too. lol. Great minds think alike!
I can see you making some lovely work based on those silver birches.
I do so like your brooches too.
Thanks for dropping by my site aswell. Cheers Tricia

M.A. Wakeley said...

I always feel good after I've been here. Have a wonderful and inspired week!
Mary Ann

Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely stuff can be proud of your art.

annax said...

Beautiful work. Very delicate and detailed. Yours is a lovely blog to visit. Joy to you!

Acornmoon said...

Your photograph of trees reminds me of a Gustav Klimpt painting, he had a very colourful and decorative style. I always preferred his paintings of gardens and woodlands to his figures. I can see how you would be able to paint the scene in stitches. I love the new autumnal colours on your brooches.