Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Flower Power And Snow!

I Had a brilliant time with my sister in London at the weekend.
We visited Dulwichpicturegallery , which is local to my sister.
A small but very interesting gallery.
The current exhibition is What Are You Like? Self Revealing Portraits by People In The Public Eye - a collaboration with the House of Illustration, presenting a collection of 'self-portraits' by an eclectic group of public figures; each contributing a composed of favourite things.
We also visited some great vintage shops, I was in heaven!
Today I have listed some new flower brooches on etsy while it has been snowing!
So it looks like you need your winter woolies, why not add a flower to brighten up your scarf or coat?


Half an Acre said...

you've got snow???????

acornmoon said...

London is always interesting,we had snow also, brrrr.

I have been wearing my flower, my mum thought it was for poppy day!

Kayla coo said...

Yes snow!
Wet and slushy,horrid.
Hi Valerie,I always come away from London feeling inspired by the galleries and the buildings.
Hope your mum liked your flower.x

Tricks said...

Hi, Love your flower brooches, they look so versatile.
I wish you would tell us more about those vintage shops you visited, they sound interesting. I've just looked at the work you are doing with the painted landscape, wonderful stitching, very inspiring. It's funny you mention Jan Beaney, my sister was taught by her years ago when she did the C & G Embroidery course, small world isn't it?

Gunnels blog said...

Beautiful brooches!
Oh, have you snow!? We have very cold here in Gothenburg today, and yes, maybe the snow is coming ?

karen said...

I am jealous you all had snow down there!! Thanks for the comment, really appreciated.

Tricks said...

Hi again,
Just a very quick message to say that there is a surprise waiting for you on my blog, Bw. Wishes Tricia