Friday, 3 October 2008

Painting And Some Stitching

I did manage to get to life drawing this week but we had a lady with clothes on!
So this is more of a portrait.
I painted with acrylic and used some oil pastels.
She looked quite a formidable character, a stern staring expression.
I hope she never sees this!

To brighten up the page here is the felt picture I'm working on.
I am now adding some hand stitching, sorry the picture is not brilliant as the light was fading.
I will take some more pictures tomorrow in daylight.

Lastly my friend gave me this pattern from the 1950's.
I love it!


Unknown said...

I love your stitching - so much hard work and I really love the pattern - look forward to seeing what you do with it. It is just the type of pattern I would use!!

Kitty said...

You are a very talented artist. The stitching is so lovely. Will you make the pattern up into an item for yourself? x

M.A. Wakeley said...

You are quite talented. The painting is lovely... i admire your use of color which seems to match the stern tone you mentioned. You most likely picked up on something and translated it into your art.

I can never find the words to express how much I love your stitching.

hens teeth said...

Great post M ~ your ork really is stunning.
Love the pattern too.

Lorrie said...

Hey there Kayla coo

Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment.
Looking forward to seeing all your lovely work..
Have a great day.

Gina said...

Great portrait! Beautiful stitching too.

gunnelsvensson said...

Love you stitching, and the pattern is great!