Thursday, 11 February 2010

Altered Book & Stitching


We are back to the cold frosty weather here with a few snow and sleet showers, nothing compared to the blizzards in Washington America, I could not believe how much snow they have had!

I have been working on my altered book, the theme 1920's.

The colours of a painting by Matisse and a pot by Clarice Cliff inspired my front cover which I have covered in small pieces of tissue paper and ink.

Next I have started to add a few small objects, buttons, fabric, pictures and half an old belt buckle.

The fabric is french, I'm not sure how old it is, but the colours, I think, fit in with my theme.

We have half term holidays here next week, so with the weather staying cold I'm sure to be staying in with my sewing!


The Garden Bell said...

Now those are cool. Love'em

Kate - The Garden Bell - <3
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Fioleta said...

Beautiful, really like how you are combining various textures and colours.

I keep on forgetting about half-term break, will have to remember to avoid all the places that are likely to attract large groups of kids.


Lovely work, yes stay home, keep warm


Carolyn McNeil said...

Your book looks great! The colors you have chosen work out very well...We're having some cold, snowy weather here, as well. I'm in upstate New York. We didn't get the nasty blizzardary weather that Washington got. The states south of NY got most of it for a change...Oh well, two more months till spring!
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Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh that tree with the pink leaves.... gorgeous! I can't believe you can do that artistry on a machine!! Truly talented!!

Claire said...

Just love the Clarice Cliff inspiration in your altered book. Colours are wonderful and the belt buckle is a lovely touch of 1920's bling.

Nina E Jørgensen said...

I love your trees!!

Anonymous said...

Hi michalla
Is it ever going to get warmer 3c. here today in Cornwall, thought it was supposed to be warmer down here. Started to do more hand embroidery I agree it is relaxing and any excuse to sit by the fire. Always enjoy seeing your work to inspire.

karen said...

yay for half term, happy days!