Sunday, 1 February 2009

Calling All Pom Pom Makers!


I thought some of you would be interested in this art project I was invited to join by
Elvis Roberts
You can find all the details here

So start making those pom poms!

Talking of groups I have also joined this group

This has been organized by Helen suzanne Alexander

Helen says
You're invited to respond to it in any sort of visual medium that you fancy, paint, fabric, 3d or 2d, the choice is yours. I guess the only requirement is to start with the image that first comes to mind when you read the title. You can develop it to your hearts content and it will be exciting to see what you come up with. My particular interest will be a spontaneous response which conveys the first thought and I'm not going to pursue a "finished" state. I'll probably do sketches with notes, photographs, digital sketches and maybe if it really strikes me, something in oils.How about it? I'm going to post a title at least once a week. If you join in there is NO requirement to do all the titles and no deadline for a piece to be finished. It is always your choice :D
I have also to show you my pink tree and as it's just started to snow it seemed apt that my pink tree becomes Pink Tree In Snow.
Hope you have a creative week.x


Patricia said...

What a fabulous creative concept. Good luck and be certain to post your amazing work!

Karen said...

ms...I adore them and now I feel like making some.

Karen said...

something funny going on here....that should have said pom poms!!

Heloise said...

No snow here yet. Lovely peaceful tree.

Anonymous said...

"today's title" sound tempting...

lovely textiles said...

thank you so much for posting about the pom-pom project, that's so kind of you. If anyone wants to make pom-poms and join in, there is also the humble beginnings of a blog here:

we're hoping to bring bournemouth gardens into flower at the end of the summer by working together with crafters and artists from all around the world.