Saturday, 14 February 2009

Shopping List Saturday

Lots of wonderful colours in shopping list Saturday today.
Etsy has the most amazing range of arts and crafts and these colourful creations are no exception.

  1. Steph at Rivulette has the most wonderful selection of colourful hand spun yarns and also some very pretty hand made glass beads.
  2. Lorrie a mixed media artist has a shop called CT Studios where you can find some beautiful mosaic work.
  3. Kathy panton illustration has a shop full of amazingly colourful art works. I loved this butterfly.
  4. Another shop with lots of colour is Leela Ford who painted this abstract.

Do check out all the other blogs who feature Shopping List Saturday, you will find a list on my side bar including Charlotte at Fancypicnic who started it.


'fancypicnic' said...

What stunningly colourful choices! Steph's yarns are gorgeous aren't they? I love the butterfly. Fantastic!

Very many congratulations with the success of your embroidered brooches. You know how wonderful I think they are - and the ice tree is quite enchanting. xxx

Sophie Appleby said...

Oh I just love all the beautiful colour in your shopping list this week, so beautiful!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Sophie x

Izabela said...

lovely and colorful!

karen said...

Oh boy, that wool is to die for! Thanks for the comment, I am much better now. x

Alex Mason said...

gorgeous colours, hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

edward and lilly said...

Wow, lovely bright colours :)

silverpebble said...

How delicious - individually they're gorgeous but the mosaic of them all together is giving me smiley eyes. Thanks so much! Emmax

Hens Teeth said...


Erin said...

Love the choices in yarn. Rivulette is my new favourite person!