Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Life drawing

Well I didn't manage to get to life drawing, had lots of running around to do for children and then it got too late and we had a late tea.

I also made the fatal mistake of sitting down...couldn't get up again!

So here is a drawing that I did a few months ago.

You may have seen it on my flickr page.
I mainly use charcoal and oil pastels when sketching as I like to work quickly.
I may make several drawings to get a feel of my subject.
Hope your having a good week.x


Gina said...

Your drawing is amazing!

Gina said...

I've replied to your comment but not sure it will get through - sometimes it seems to work but sometimes not! would be great to see you tomorrow. x

Tricks said...

Hi Michala,
Thank you so much for your help. I love your sketching and your felting.

I am about to move on to more pastel drawings, colour is what is obviously lacking in those first sketches on my blog. My drawing is so rusty. Still I'll get back into it I'm sure.

You are absolutely right though, I also want some energy in my work, that is why I started sketching quickly.

Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on my work, I really appreciate some honest feedback. Do pop by again and see if I have made any progress. Cheers Tricia Oh and good luck with the life drawing.

'fancypicnic' said...

Fab drawing! SOOO great to meet you today - and your friends xx. It was absolutely lovely! Glad we managed to catch up! Now you'll laugh...pop over to my blog - you'll see that you have an award!


Hi amazing drawing.

Hope your return to work hasn't been too bad. I fear my energy levels have dropped to an all time low this week and everything seems to be going a bit wrong. Ahh well nearly the weekend.:) - Free Online Dating said...

You Are a very talented artist great work!