Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A Few Different Projects

Brooches for gallery
Sketch book

Work inspired by Henry Moore

Tomorrow evening I'm going to my Art Society, which I love.
So many lovely friends with so many talents.
I am sort of running a work shop on painting with textures, I say sort of because we just have a fun time trying out different techniques and we all learn from each other.
I also made a few brooches for the gallery.
I had a very rewarding day on Monday helping a fourteen year old girl from Somalia who had suffered a terrible trauma of loosing a family member in an explosion and in which she lost an eye.
She is learning embroidery and I spent time with her, showing her how she can use different stitches.
To see her excitement of learning a new stitch and her enjoyment of playing with the threads and fabrics was wonderful.
Hope you have a good week.


karen said...

that's the amazing thing about embroidery, being able to pass on your skill. Love the sketchbook too!

Gina said...

It sounds like you are already having a good week. How lovely to pass on a skill like embroidery - very theraputic.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful start to your week - it is such a pleasure passing on skills to others - I am sure it was a wonderful experience. Love you sketchbook work - really strong powerful images!

Anonymous said...

it is good of you to take he time to teach someone else your skills - great sketches as usual!

mimilove forever said...

Bless you and your wonderful work madam... x

acornmoon said...

It is very hard to understand the terrible suffering that your student must have endured. What a terrible story, it must be so rewarding to think that you were able to help towards her recovery.

Mary said...

How wonderful that something you love could help her find a reason to smile!

Jackie said...

your brooches have a very 'serene' air about them..contrasting with your excited sketching!Lovely, both.

cathy said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful sketchbook - and lots of respect to you for spending time and sharing your skills.

Cathy (november moon)


Its so nice when you see another person becoming inspired by textiles. Teaching others gives me goose bumps sometimes when I see their little light go on and the achievements they gain. Loving the mark making in your sketch book.

tricia said...

your work is beautiful! Your drawings are really rich, very nice.


Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow you have made couching an art form.Those flower brooches are really beautiful and so professional in their finish.