Monday, 15 September 2008

Creative Blogs

Hi,Here are some lovely creative blogs which I have chosen for an award.

I know that these awards have been going around so I have tried to find some different blogs.

As I'm quite new to all this I do apologise if you have had this award before.

  1. Tinyhappy

  2. Gilflings

  3. AmandaSainsbury

  4. Acornmoon

  5. perfectweathertofly

  6. Anemone

  7. Ravenhill

If award nominees wish to accept their awards, simply provide a link back to the person who presented the award; nominate 6 or 7 recipients and provide links for them; finally, leave a note on their blogs to tell them the good news!

The award is Kreativ blogger.


Melissa said...

thank you very much! i'm honoured.
your stitching is amazingly creative. x

acornmoon said...

Thank you so much for the award, I have added your name to my blog list also. The other blogs that you have listed are beautiful so thanks for the introduction.