Monday, 21 January 2013

Faces In The Landscape

I'm not at all up to date with my blog compared to my face book and flickr pages which is why I have uploaded these images as a mosaic.
I have been using many different methods of recording and documenting ideas, these quick sketches, apart from one, have been on my ipad ( a wonderful Xmas present).
The figures have come about quite naturally, each one emotionally linked to the landscape.

When I was a child I lived in a small Warwickshire village surrounded by woods and fields.
I spent many hours playing in these surroundings, making dens, climbing trees and playing with all nature had to offer.
Not far from the local church, where I played, was a beautiful country track which was free from traffic as it led to open fields.
I will never forget the day when all the mature Elm trees which lined that hedgerow had been cut down, each one lying side by side in full leaf.
At first my friends and I played amongst those fallen branches, excited by the natural climbing frame, unaware of the impact to our local landscape.
A few days latter we returned to find no trees,  I remember to this day the devastation I felt at seeing the tree stumps.
 My vivid memories of this this time form the philosophy of the my art work, my feelings are linked to my landscape.
I will update my blog again very soon as I have more stitch work to share with you ( you can find more recent images on my face book page).
Bye for now.


liniecat said...

Stunning the shrubs book in the header too!!

Threadpainter said...

What is it about trees ?
You, obviously, are very emotionally attached to them, I love them !
I remember crying uncontrollably when a mature maple in the front of our house was taken down ... first the branches, then chunks of the trunk and I couldn't help relating to how systematically tortuous that would have felt for a human ... it was extreme cruelty ! But it was city-ordered and I was helpless.
Now another 32yr old maple has been hacked back, from the wires, so much that I wonder how she still survives !
Your trees are lovely and you put so much heart in each one of them.