Sunday, 9 November 2008

Shopping List Saturday ( Sunday )

I have had one of those mad weekends, trying to fit in house work, bonfire parties and shopping the boring kind etc...
So for exciting shopping I can share with you these lovely items from etsy sellers.
It's a pink with a hint of turquoise this week as a theme, following on from my little pink tree.
1.Joycelo from Dublin makes these beautiful aqua glass beads.
2.I love Charlotte's unique textile jewellery and this collar is stunning, you can find more in her shop Fancypicnic and check out her blog too.
3.Daphne Had a Penchant for Pink, Her Pekinese, and Men in Uniform original painting by
vivstrauss would make me happy especially a man in uniform!
4.Leahsutton has these wonderful hand knitted fluffy bracelets in her etsy shop.
I hope to update my shop this week and to share a few more pictures with you.
I must say thank you for all the positive comments I had in my last post, they are so appreciated.


Lynn said...

I like that collar too! Love all the little details. And the bracelets are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

vivienne strauss said...

thank you for featuring Daphne with all the other pretty pink :)

'fancypicnic' said...

Thanks so much, Michala xx That was a shock when I popped in!
Beautiful fluffy bracelets - lovely list.
I just love looking at your pics on flickr of your recent work. Truly beautiful.

Kitty said...

Oh, those knitted bracelets are fabulous! x

karen said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by today! Love your choices here especially the knitted cuffs, they're beautiful. Hope you are well!!

acornmoon said...

such lovely work, especially the collar.

I have been so busy that I have not done much blogging, now I have lots of treats to see like the trees below, gorgeous as always.

GIfelt said...

Ma รจ bellissimo quello che fai!

annax said...

I just had to come and visit your lovely blog, having so little time to be online lately, and I smiled when I actually noticed you are in Warwickshire. I have just moved away from there myself, to France. But I lived in Leamington before that. I must admit that I miss it terribly :/

Beautiful choices by the way! Must go and click!


Half an Acre said...

love the fuzzy bracelets..