Monday, 4 August 2008

Sketch to Stitch

Nearly all of my embroidery work is inspired by my drawings.

I want to capture the moment of how I feel about a place.

This I try and do through my colour and the direction of my brush strokes or smudges of pastel.

I wanted to show you this quick sketch which led to my Olive tree embroidery.
You can see my
Olive Tree picture here.
I must say thank you t0 Jackie for all her help in putting my blog together as with out her expertise it would look a right mess!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

You're a very talented lady and very well disciplined. I have so many sketch books but don't do nearly enough drawings in them. I always take them on holidays with the intention of doing something, then never do.
I'm glad I found your blog (through the fab Jackie) and think you will be a new inspiration to me, to actually get the sketchbooks out and use them. I'm off to Cornwall in a few days and will try to produce some drawings to work from when I get back home.

Mary said...

The finished tree is beautiful! Wow!

'fancypicnic' said...

Saw your embroidery on flickr, from this sketch. Wonderful!
Great to see that you would like to join in with the Shopping List Saturday meme - the more the merrier!
Will add you to the list at the end of the week ready for Saturday. Can't wait to see your choices!

Paula Hewitt said...

This is a great sketch - I cant draw at all -so i am in awe of people who can, and then translate into stitch

Jackie said...

This fills me with admiration..I can't translate drawings into stitch at all easily.
Thank you for the link..I'm just an interfering busybody really!

Gina said...

Drawing and stitch are both stunning! I always take a sketchbook with me on holiday but rarely produce anything that makes me want to stitch!