Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fashion, Embroidery, Stitch 2013

It's a week since I set up at the NEC for The Fashion, Embroidery, Stitch show and what an eventful week it has been.
Firstly, where has Spring gone??
The weather could not have been worse, with snow on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday ( I woke up to a blizzard on Sunday morning).
Luckily I managed to get in OK, driving very slowly through the country roads.
Despite the weather I had a very busy few days, although predictably, Sunday was much quieter and both my sisters who had planned to come then could not get there, due to the icy roads.
I met some lovely people, so many enthusiastic stitchers and I'm very grateful that they had battled to get in.
The show had some fantastic exhibitors with such a wonderful inspiring array of work, I wished I had been able to spend more time looking.
Thank you very much if you came to see my work and if you could not get in I have a video which you can view, my very first time on You tube! See Here
Now it's time to get back to my stitching, I think I'm going to retreat into hibernation!



A very lovely Utube video. Your creations are all very very lovely.. Amazing stitching and I love that your pieces are 3D... Grand show. Hugs Judy

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Oh my - those are some HUGE embroideries!! :-o
Looks like a beautiful exhibition.

Gina said...

It looks fantastic Michala - what an amazing body of work.

gilby said...

Loved your work at the NEC.Have you thought of writing a book or making a DVD.

Janny de Roo said...

I love your work, as you know from Flickr allready. I'm glad you had a beautiful exhibition. Which material you used for hanging the feltpieces.....?

warm greetings from Holland (I mean it's kold here too....,

Anonymous said...

Your stand looks lovely! :D Unfortunately I wasn't able to get there this year due to the snow :(

Heloise said...

It was great to watch your video make the pieces of work come to life. The whole of your exhibition is a wonderful collection. Shall look forward to seeing he sea pieces.

Julie said...

Hibernation sounds a very good idea. I should have been coming to the Show on the Saturday but wasn't well enough, so annoying!

Iceni UK said...

Michala, I'm so disappointed I didn't get to see you and your beautiful work because of the weather. Thank you for the video, your work is fantastic. Are you at any other shows this year.

Congratulations on having your some of your work featured in 'Mastering the Art of Embroidery' by Sophie Long... your embroideries look amazing in the book and I am so happy to have seen them in person at the Herbert Gallery in Coventry last year.
Take care
Isabell xx

Acornmoon said...

Congratulations, your stand looks wonderful. The weather could not have been worse, so pleased to hear that enough folks weathered the storms.

dottycookie said...

Oh my, your display looks wonderful. I hope you had a brilliant and worthwhile time.

Threadpainter said...

Your booth and displays look great ... and I'm so impressed by the size of your works ! Wow !!
Spring is coming !