Thursday, 7 January 2010

Time To Paint

We thought the snow was going to skirt us by, but on Wednesday morning it was quiet, sounds muffled by the blanket of snow.

The next excitement was finding out school was closed, the children's and the school I work at.

So we were out early to the local park, wrapped up, like a pass the parcel , including me with three pairs of woolly socks!

Here is our Snowman playing football , the goalie otherwise known as "Snowlie".

Can you spot the snowball?

I can tell you, it took quite a lot of throwing to get that shot!
The afternoon was spent trying to get warm again and drying hat, scarves & gloves which were strewn over all the radiators in the house!
I wanted to make the most of this bonus day at home so I got my paints out and painted this landscape from ideas in my sketchbook.
I hope your having a good week and keeping warm.


karen said...

the snow definitely has an upside!! Love the painting, fantastic!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Brilliant photograph Kayla and lovely new, summery header. Keep warm in the snow. A foot deep here.

Micki said...

Lovely paintinga and what a brilliant snowman!!

Anonymous said...

How on earth did you get that snowman's arm "up" ?

Fantastic :)

acornmoon said...

I am very impressed with your snowman! I thought you had added the snowball digitally!

I like your new banner, it looks so sunny.

Alexandra Mason said...

Love the painting and the snowman :) xx

The Garden Bell said...

You got that right. Time to paint. Great color choices once again.

Gina said...

Love the snowlie!

silverpebble said...

That is the best snow picture EVER! Wow, snowlie may not have saved the snow goal but you lot have some serious patience!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend and warmer weather if possible


Lovely snowlie. Looks like he made a grand save! Love your new header too! Happy new year xx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is a brilliant photo of the snowball - although we have had snow it has been no where near as much as the rest of the country.

Thanks so much for your recent comments and wishing all the best for 2010!