Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Stitch News

Today we have had the most awful weather, heavy rain and it's been so dark.
I took our dog out for a walk with my son and we got soaked to the skin!

Just in case you are interested, my work will be featured in The Embroiderers Guild Stitch Magazine.
I was asked to make four embroideries which represented the four seasons, you will also see other work and an article on how I create my pieces.
My work will feature in the October/November issue 61.
I'm also excited because they will have my work on display at The Knitting & Stitching Show on the Stitch Magazine stand. I have never had work displayed at a sewing exhibition before.
I do hope I will be able to visit the show at Alexandra Palace in October.
Hope your having better weather than Warwickshire!


Lynn said...

Congratulations on this latest publication of your wonderful work.
And how fun to be in the show too!

Your yellow tree/spiral is wonderful. Such good perspective!

Where I am we've been having temperatures in the 106's F.
OUCH! HOT! No rain for months yet for us. Can we trade some?

Coastcard said...

Not much better weather in Wales ... but your rainbow colours are more than enough to cheer us all up on this Inspiration Wednesday - courtesy of the Weaver of Grass.

Fioleta said...

Congratulations on both the publication and the show. It will be so wonderful to see your work.

It was actually a surprisingly good day in London between the morning and evening rains. There even was some sunshine. I hope the weather will improve for you.

Tricks said...

Well done Kayla, it is wonderful news. Weather been just as bad this afternoon in Kent. BW Tricia x

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Oh my, I do love your stitched landscapes! Absolutely fantastic!

Congratulations on being featured in the Stitch Magazine, you deserve it very much!

Jeane said...

Hi Kayla, I wanted to stop by and tell you how amazing your work is - I just saw a piece on flickr that blew me away and that is your Field of Threads - Zappha highlighted on RAW - :)

Titus said...

Congratulations, beautiful work.
Nope, raining hard in Scotland.

mimilove forever said...

From Staffs that would be a resounding "NO!" on the weather front, however a visit to your blog has brightened my day!

(I am now off to thrash myself for coming up with such a corny line..)

(And you recent World of Stitches work is just bloody breath taking missus!!)

Heloise said...

Many congratulations, you must be very pleased. Your work is truly wonderful.

Sun now replaced with more rain.

Gunnels blog said...

Congratulations ! Your latest work are SO wonderful! These are really ART, textileart! You inspire me!
We have also rainy weather here, I think it came from your country ;-)but next week they promise better weather here, I want to go to the beach again!

BT said...

Oh oh oh, I have popped over from Weaver's blog and as soon as I saw your stitching I knew I'd have to come again. How wonderful that your work is being published and I'm not at all surprised, it's beautiful. I will call again when time is not so pressing.

silverpebble said...

Many congratulations on soon being in print. It's well deserved - your work is exquisite and should attract lots of eager attention!

Julia said...


Our weather is just as lousy in Yorkshire, but Im so very happy to read about all your good news! I really do love your work, you are such a talented soul and your success is well deserved.

Good on you!

Love Julia xxx

Threadspider said...

Congratulations-very well deserved.

karen said...

well done! I always go to the Harrogate K&S show, will it be there too?

That Crafty Fish! said...

hello! I found you thru meplusmolly and work is just LUSH x

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Michala, You are becoming famous. I just bought the newest issue of Stitch here in the states. I will look forward to seeing this issue. Congratulation on your work being display by the Stitch Mag. Hugs Judy


Congratulations on being the Stitch magazine, I get it most months anyway, but will be sure to get this particular issue! Well done! Well deserved!

Sending love

Jackie said...

You deserve the publicity with your gorgeous work. Congratulations. If you are going to be at a show then I think thats the best one to be at.


hello again, I am going to Alexendra palace on the friday so will be looking out for you work and congratulations . Bye from carol