Sunday, 26 April 2009

Shopping List Saturday ( Sunday )

I can't believe how quickly this week has flown and this gave me my theme for Shopping List Saturday... Birds!
Here are some artist's who have been inspired by our feathered friends.
1.karendavis has many magical art works and The Smallest Tutle Dove is one of them.
2.I love swallows and these pretty necklaces are made by rafya
3.LoucheLab's shop has these beautifully illustrated coffee mugs .
4 There are so many buttons to choose from in buttonrobin's shop, but I think these ceramic swallow buttons are my favorite.


Mia said...


You're very welcome! ^^ And the tulip pictures are up for viewing now if you are still interested in having a looksie!

Alona Lahav said...

What a lovely collection, looks great together, happy to be part of it,Thank you.

Julia said...

I love your shopping finds, especially the artwork and coffee cups! Well done by the way, on getting your work published in the magazine, thats fantastic!!

Sending love

Mia said...


Thank you for your lovely comment - it made me oh so happy! <3

I love birds, I have a budgie myself ^^ It will be exciting to see what you'll make of this bird theme!

Lynn said...

Cute and attractive bird sightings!